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Day 1: 25 July 2013, 6pm: Arrival

Decided on a whim to go receive (Sakurai) Sho at the airport. Cos' I didn't have a meeting that afternoon & I didn't want to regret my absence.

And I'm really glad I went! Even though it was really hot with many fans crowding around, I was at 2nd row and managed to have a really decent view of Sho when he walked past. He's like maybe 3 metres away?

He looked fresh, his face is perfect (slim), his new hairstyle makes him really handsome. And he SMILED AND WAVED at our direction and eye-contact with us. My friends and I died.

Oh and I finally got to shout "Sho-chan!", which satisfied my Sakuraiba feels fufufu.

Thanks [ profile] rain_dropx for taking the above wonderful photo! Definitely my favourite photo of Sho in Singapore this time round♥


Day 2: 26 July 2013, morning: Filming

Heard that Sho went filming at Raffles Hotel & Merlion for Nazotoki. Didn't manage to catch him. But I look forward to the finished video, perhaps the cuts will be in the movie DVD?


Day 3: 27 July 2013, 6pm: Red Carpet

I hope I'll never have the chance to go for red carpet events again. Or at least not Arashi-involved.

Still, I met some really lovely people & special thanks to a new found friend who took the following photos:

President Sho doing his signature wave ;)

From left: Shiina (Kippei), Sho & (Kitagawa) Keiko

I didn't have a good view at the red carpet. But my first impression of Keiko is "So pretty! But I thought she will be taller?" Keiko totally has the ojou-sama feel and she always give me the impression she's tall but now googling her I realized she's 1.6 metres. (Which makes me taller than her :P)

By the way, Sho really looks like 1.71 metres to me ;)

Posing on stage with children who presented them flowers

Oh & special thanks to the lovely & healing Aiba Popcorn uchiwa which helped to keep me sane at the red carpet heh.


Day 3: 27 July 2013, 9.30pm: Movie Premiere with the stars

The talk with the stars (Director-san and 3 actors) came after the movie.

The movie in my opinion was much more interesting than the drama, and is really very funny! I totally recommends it :D Of cos, if you like Sho, please definitely go & watch it cos there are a lot of close-up on his face ;)

On the talk:

Director Hijikata Masato-san seemed a bit reserved and spoke in Japanese. But it was good seeing the man behind the movie. Thank you Director-san for this movie!^^

Shiina-san is totally cute fufufu. He kept doing the "Hai hai hai~" action with the audience, which makes the whole experience funny and light-hearted.

Keiko is just so pretty. She looks a bit too thin though... But really glamorous and charming. She said that the movie is opening in Singapore on August 22nd, which is on her birthday. The event emcee got us to sing her a birthday song~^^

The Sho/Keiko interactions were totally cute too. When Keiko first reached the stage (the stars walked from the back of theatre to the front stage to start the talk), Sho held up her hand in those gentlemanly way.

And when Keiko said the movie was screening on August 22nd, Sho said he's happy that it's on his "ojou-sama's birthday".

Keiko said she thinks the audience's favourite part of the movie is probably the Titanic part. I was hoping they will reenact the scene on stage but they didn't :P Which reminds me I need t go & dig the Sakuraiba Titanic scene.

Sho...I think he's getting tired (& appreciated the alcohol in Singapore too much haha), which means that he looks a bit bloated *runs from umbrella*. I thought he wasn't very happy cos there were really too many camera flashes but he was really professional from the start to the end.

He began his speech in Singlish which totally won our hearts. Here is the video, credit to the fan who recorded it. I was really impressed that he did his homework and localised his greetings.

He said he likes the chicken rice in Singapore; he ate it when he came a year ago. He went to eat chicken rice in Japan after that but found the one in Singapore nicer.

He also said that he went to a hawker place in Little India and sat at a table with 2 girls but they didn't recognise him.

The stars took a photo with the audience and I hope to see this (& spot myself) in the DVD :P

At the end, when they were ready to leave, they returned the microphones to the staff. But Sho suddenly went to take the interpreter's mic (I thought he was going to sing!) but he just said "I hope to see you soon!" and went off with all the fans thinking, "Concert!!??" xD He was really cute when he did this & this is definitely my favourite part for the whole night!♥

But Sho-chan, I hope if you really come to Singapore again, please just fly in and fly out for concert. I feel really physically and mentally tired (laughs).

And finally photos:

I was contemplating whether to put this blurry / not-very-flattering photo up... But I thought it looks like President Sakurai looking at his minions people and I love it. /has weird taste.

And here's a local news article with more scoop on this event.


Day 4: 28 July 2013, 12am: Departure

I need to say that I think Sho really got character *thumbs up* cos of his not-so-good temper. And as a Ueda fan and someone who hates to mix work life with private life, I can totally understand where he's coming from.

I still hope he enjoyed Singapore. And please recommend Aiba-chan to come visit us again! (Please don't come anytime soon, I'm still tired lol.)

That said, it was wonderful meeting lovely & friendly new Arashi fans and of cos fun to meet old friends as well♥

Last but not least, actually Nino is my ichiban in Arashi (laughs). But Sho has totally been receiving niban treatment ;)

Date: 2013-07-28 10:05 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I feel so happy to read your report about the Movie Premiere.
I am Bagel from Hong Kong. I just arrived Singapore and will stay here
for around a year and I am a big fan of Arashi too!
Sad that I miss the premiere. However, I wanna meet more Arashi fans here.
Glad to read your post! Nice to meet you!

Date: 2013-07-30 09:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i would want to see keiko too. though i prefer if she has her chubby cheeks back. D:
aaaand sho ♥
the photos you took are amazing. :3

Date: 2013-08-31 04:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i jus saw this post! hahahaha
" Sho really got character *thumbs up* " <-- *giggle* IKR

Date: 2015-11-26 07:59 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] compass_lily


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